The discovery

As I was peacefully surfing the waves of the internet this afternoon, once again googling words like "tea bag" and "tea collector" and feeling a both nicely unique and at the same time a little lonely, it struck me that I should check out those websites I was told last weekend I really should visit. One of them was pinterest where I also went tea collector and kindred spirit hunting and found a photo that led me to flickr which then finally let me discover this wonderful place - swap-bot! The general idea is that you can swap just about anything with anyone anywhere. In my case this will hopefully lead to lovely tea swapping with people all over the world, collectors or just tea drinkers, and add quite nicely to my collection. And my friend's too, the only other tea collector that I actually know and haven't only heard about. I have a distinct feeling this has been a small step for the woman but a big step for that tea collection of hers :)

I've already signed up for three swaps and contacted some tea people (wow, I wonder if they look at themselves as tea people? Probably not!) to see if they'd like to arrange some one-on-one swaps too. Now all I can do is wait and not get too excited, in case this doesn't turn out as amazing as I want it too. But who am I trying to fool? Of course I'll let myself get carried away by the mere thought of dozens and dozens of tea bags in the mail. Otherwise I wouldn't be me : )


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