Spring in my heart and mail

This has been one lovely day of tea, tea and more tea. And work of course, but that's not nearly as much fun to talk about! Since Sweden doesn't have any post offices in the true meaning of the word anymore (all those services are now handled by various grocery stores) I have today stuffed eight envelopes with a mix of individually selected tea bags and a note by the tables ment for filling out lottery and horseracing tickets. This caused a lot of curious looks from the vast croud of older men who, from the look on their faces, rarely stumble upon girls in that very masculine corner of the store and let alone a girl spreading her colourful envelopes, tea bags, notecards, stamps and girly stickers all over the place. Finally, after quite a while of possibly being the great surprise of their day, this lot was ready to travel the world to places like Denmark, Finland, Canada and various parts of the US.

Pulling up on the driveway outside our house, having dropped these babies off to begin their journeys to their new homes, the weather was my enemy. I took cover under the hood of my jacket and threw myself across the driveway into the house, pulled out an umbrella and set out to rescue the envelopes possibly in our mailbox. Was there going to be any? Were they going to be dry and safe in the wind and the rain? Yes, there were two of them and they were both safe and sound!

Today I'm thanking Mary-Caroline and Amy for adding in all five new tea bags to the collection. And they're nice too! At the moment I'm especially infatuated with the adorable snail card that Mary-Caroline sent me. By the way, can anyone spot something orange and sweet in the background? This mister is the master of the house and demands to be the centre of attention. Of course he found a way to infiltrate my blog aswell ;)


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